Monday, February 6, 2012

George Astor Cates: Grandpa

My grandfather on my dad's side died before I ever knew him. He was a rancher in Texas and Montana. He ran cattle, worked in Rodeos and occasionally raced. I tracked down this postcard on the web and wanted to post it here so I have it somewhere online. The poem or song lyrics are on the card are:

"George Astor Cates, is my name in full,
Crowell, Texas, is my address,
I'm booted and spurred, and ready to start
My ride on the Pony Express

From a little town in the Lone Star State,
The little town of Nocona,
I'll start to ride two thousand miles
To the City of San Francisco
Cross prairies wide, o'er mountains high
Through miles and miles of sand,
Day after day I'll ride and ride
On toward the sun-set land.

I'll pas you by as I ride along,
My face you will merely see,
But when I'm gone this souvenir
Will make you think of me."

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