Thursday, September 18, 2008

Informal Learning

I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY BLOG...Here are the posts from before...

As I dug around for something on blogs I ran into the idea of informal learning which seems to be receiving some buzz in training/educational circles. The main idea is that most of our learning is informal...which I take to mean that we just learn more as we do and experience things; as we explore and dig around and research. That learning may be unexpected or intentional.

Blogs, wikis, internet media, and free content have probably increased the effectiveness of informal learning in a big way. 50 years ago informal learning may not have occupied such a big piece of the learning pie; I can't prove that though it seems intuitive that the internet has provided opportuinities to learners where previously they were scarce of non-existent. While I don't think we should play down the importance of formal training and learning it seems to me that high quality blogs, written by subject matter experts and experienced individuals, could enhance informal learning, particularly intentional informal learning. Do the organizations that we belong to understand the power of informal learning and the tools that can be used to facilitate it? What if job development was not found in training meetings, or educational conferences? It could be better found, in some instances, in some free time for employees/students and an insatiable attitude of learning.


CB said...

Shawn: What do you think about the questions that you posed at the end of this blog entry? I would like to hear your thoughts about this questions.

opencontent said...

I've often predicted the creation of "EMO"s in the future - Education Maintenance Organizations. Employers will offer membership in a lifelong learning program to one of their employees, cover the tuition / fees / etc., and employees will be expected to take advantage of the myriad opportunities available there.

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