Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surveys- Qualtrics

I really enjoyed our class on surveys and using Qualtrics. Props to whoever said Larry Seawright could help out with some customizations, I think that was Peter. I called Larry and asked him to create a template with the MTC logo and he was all for it. Anyway, since I found out about it I have started 2 surveys and completed one. It will eventually evolve to be a survey we’ll use at work with the international MTCs (I have posted a few of the questions at the end of this post). For me the significance of this tool is fairly large since we can quickly gather information and feedback from MTC teachers and managers from all over the world.
With the advent of many free and inexpensive survey tools surveys seem to have spring up all over. If you Google surveys your first sites will deal with MySpace, Survey Monkey and advertisements for fun surveys. I think “fun surveys” that are appearing in online networks and advertising could be better leveraged for education. I think that every survey I have ever taken for school has been a post class survey. One application that comes to mind is that a professor or teacher could survey the students before the class starts to find out expectations, get to know them, and also by nature of the survey communicate some expectations of the class. Just knowing expectations would help a teacher know how to go about teaching the course a little differently or how to express their expectations. This may help change students perception of the class before they even get into it. This could be particularly helpful in a blended or distance class where there is more opportunity to cater the class to different students due to the increased on-on-one interaction. By referring to fun surveys I simply mean that the surveys don’t have to be boring. I saw one professor share with his students some comments from surveys which had me laughing my head off. “Is your mustache the source of your knowledge, if it is don’t set so difficult questions because most of us don’t have mustache.“ “He combs his mustache but not his hair.” “No grass on the busy road, no hair on the clever head.” “The world is peaceful when you stop talking.” You could tell he loved interacting with the students and had a way of connecting with them. Some interesting or even humorous questions that students could see some results to or the final summary could help a class begin to feel a small connection to the classmates and the teacher that they haven’t met yet.
How much time has the manager of training and operations dedicated to training activities this month? (¿Cuánto tiempo ha dedicado el gerente a asuntos de capacitación este mes?)
Less than 50% (menos de 50%)
Si menos de 50% ¿porqué
How many hours of formal training from the manager have the teachers received this month? (¿Cuántas horas de capacitación formal han recibido los maestros de parte del gerente este mes?)
Mas que 4
For each session indicate the topic and duration. If you had less than 5 sessions (which is likely) leave the others blank. For example, if you had 2 sessions fill out the first two rows and leave the rest blank. (Para cada sesión indique el tema (o los temas) y la duración. Hay espacio para cinco sesiones pero no es necesario llenarlos todos. Por ejemplo si solo tuvo 2 sesiones llenen los primeras dos filas y dejen los otros blanco.)

Column Options
Column Options
1° session 1 hora2 horas3 horas4 horas5 horas
2° session 1 hora2 horas3 horas4 horas5 horas
3° session 1 hora2 horas3 horas4 horas5 horas
4° session 1 hora2 horas3 horas4 horas5 horas
5° u otra sesión 1 hora2 horas3 horas4 horas5 horas

Indique el tema para cada sesión

Please rate the manager in the following categories. (Por favor asigne un valor al gerente para cada categoria a continuación.)
Slider scale garphic with rating scale of 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Energía y entusiasmo
Abilidad de captar atención
Menos uso de texto en PowerPoint

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Julia said...

As soon as I started reading the sample questions at the end of your post I was totally excited. I liked the suggestion of surveying the students at the beginning of a course. I watched some training given to the mission presidents once (you were probably there for this) and the teacher talked about how often we fail in training because we fail in needs assessment. We create an elaborate plan for how to get our people from point A to point B, but if we don't take the time to actually determine the real point A instead of our perceived point A, we are left disappointed when our training plan didn't bridge the gap.

Is the MTC template available? I've done surveys with my own teachers a few times and found it a really helpful way to get feedback. Something about the "distance" or the "asynchronousness" of an online survey tends to provide more helpful and realistic feedback than just asking in class. I did one on survey monkey and another one on sharepoint and both were difficult to create and administer.

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